Moving all the things!

So, (I assume) like a lot of you, I have been hosting my Mail on Google. I got sick of the idea of other people owning my Data.

I have been working on moving a lot of things to my own environments. This includes my Mail which was hosted on Google. My Calendars which was also hosted on Google. My Repositories which were in random places such as GitHub and Bitbucket. My files which were on Google Drive.

I do have to say, it feels pretty awesome to actually be in full control of my own data. I back everything that is critical (cPanel (Email/Web), Files (OwnCloud), Repositories (GitLab)) up via TarSnap.

I have also been hardening my SSH Access via ZeroTier making SSH accessible only to my Internal Network.

I also have been using Wildcard SSL Certificates, I am starting to like the idea of 90 Day SSL Certificates with Automated Renewal instead. I am now, because of this; working on migrating from my Wildcard SSL Certificates to Let’s Encrypt!

After the SSL stuff is done, I want to look a further into Dockerizing most of my Applications so that things hosted on the same VM are further sand-boxed down to lessen the attack surface.